What is Proxymart ?

Want to change consumption patterns? Support for small producers and local artisans is more important than international corporations and large food groups? Proxymart is for you!

Our online shop lists many producers close to you (maximum 30km except rare exceptions). Choose from a wide range of quality local products. We deliver free to you (for an order of minimum 50 €) or ProxyRelais (always free).

Proxymart was created in 2015 by two local entrepreneurs : Mathieu and Gilles [more] Their goal is to give everyone access to quality food and to promote an economy that really benefits to our region.

How it works ?

Anyway, using Proxymart involves understanding a few simple principles related to the website or the organization of deliveries / sales cycles. To better understand, feel free to read:

Discover our philisophy


Reasoned delivery !

Proximity is the heart of Proxymart. Thanks to it we offer delivery for each order. It is free since 50 € of purchase !

To further strengthen this proximity feeling, the Proxymart team delivers itself any orders.

The alternative to home delivery is the withdrawal of your order in a ProxyRelay, a local business partner (mostly often a local grocery store).

Proxyrelays: the alternative !

Proximity for Proxymart is more than only home delivery. It is also the possibility of retrieving your orders in a relay point (ProxyRelay).

These are local and independent businesses that you may already know.

ProxyRelays also allow consumers domiciled outside of Proxymart delivery areas to access local products we offer on our platform.

The philosophy of the Proxymart concept is obviously reflected in the products prices. In order to enhance the life quality of our local producers, we do not ask them to sacrifice their margins through competition.

To assume services designed for each order needs to acquire a 100% professional structure. These unavoidable costs have to be taken into account in our prices policy.

You actually join a project stimulating the local economy. You get a 5 stars service and receive at home quality local products. Engagement, service and access: in the end, you are a 3 times winner !

A permanent attraction !

Innovative and dynamic, ProxyCool is our loyalty program. Thanks to it, you constantly collect ProxyPoints which are converted into vouchers. These vouchers can be used freely during your next online shopping session.

Proxymart is the perfect partner for your supply of local products. It offers a wonderful journey to discover the seasonal products, unknown or forgotten flavors, and local producers know-how.

And to encourage you even more to discover, hot deals are created every week. Become faithful, you have much to gain !

Local food systems even shorter !

The time available is each day more scarce for a majority of us ... Our concept based on limited geographical areas allows us to go even further in local food systems schemes.

Enable local producers to reach unexpected targets and provide everyone with an access to quality local products: this is the dual objective of Proxymart !

Make our environmental footprint as light as possible is our priority: while the producers delivery trips are totally handled by us, the consumers travel time is greatly reduced (or even removed with home delivery !). Proxymart drives for you and aspires to offer you a lot of free time, as well as more production time to producers.

Outstanding products !

To bring home local products is to understand and accept that some products are "specials" and they require specific care.

Unwashed and not perfectly calibrated vegetable ? The weight of a product slightly different ? Welcome to a world where quality does not mean uniformity.

But be careful, the key is in the attention you give them: without preservative or chemicals, conservation and consumption are more delicate. Your local products, pamper them !