Frequently Asked Questions

This F.A.Q. (Frequently Asked Questions) regroups in a single place most of the questions asked by our customers.
If you do not find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us.
  • What is the role of Proxymart to local production?
    Proxymart aims first to give prosperity to local production by freeing local producers of a range of constraints. Thus, we take care of many time consuming tasks: encoding products, prices monitoring, products retrieval directly from the producer and delivery to customers. We also facilitate the administrative aspect and billing of producers.
  • Why Proxymart and not another initiative?
    We cheer other initiatives aimed at promoting local production and local economy. You will find among them products that we do not offer. We encourage you to test and promote all honest initiatives working in the same direction.

    However, we wanted to differentiate ourselves by offering a premium professional service, not based on profit at all costs, but neither on volunteering. Simply because we believe that such an initiative requires professional investment and time. These are very difficult to provide and maintain in the context of a voluntary or complementary activity. We want Proxymart to be an initiative which lasts through time, in which people trust and known for its reliability and professionalism.

    Launched by IT and trade professionals, Proxymart is a 100% Walloon company serving its local customers and producers.
  • Why should I pay directly after the order? I would better pay at the reception!
    We would also like to operate that way. Unfortunately, but it happens regularly that people place orders on the site "to test" and do not finalize the payment and then give no sign of life despite our reminders.

    If we did not require immediate payment, the orders would be transmitted to producers and we should pay them without being able to deliver them. It would be a dead loss that our small company would struggle to cope.
    In addition, payments on delivery are sources of trouble and danger (cash, bank card not available, etc.).

    However, do not worry, the payment process is secure and flows exclusively through the website of your bank using a Digipass. And in case of non receipt of certain products, these are either refunded to your bank account or by a voucher.
  • I find your prices are too high. Is this justified?
    Prices are the only aspect of the project that we intentionally have almost no control. As you can imagine, we naturally have incompressible expenses to run our activity (building, fridges, equipment, vehicles, crates, fuel, etc.). And on the other side we refuse to press local producers to give us the biggest discount possible. We deliberately take another way, otherwise our project to give ease to local production would have no meaning.

    Our customers understand this: a purchase on Proxymart is primarily a fair purchase, for quality and by conviction.
  • Can I give you back products packagings ?
    Returnable packaging (crates, bottles, etc) are taken up by our delivery man.
    In addition, we also take back egg cartons and yoghurt small plastic baskets. Reduce waste, give them back rather than sending them to the trash, they will be reused.
  • Are you open to new producers and new products?
    Of course, if these producers are close and offer products that complement our product line (without creating competition with producers already on Proxymart).

    If you are a producer and want to work with us or if you know a producer who would be likely to offer its products, contact us via our contact page (link "Contact Us" at the bottom of each page).
  • Are you in good standing with AFSCA?
    Of course ! Our last inspection dates back to September 2015. You can find the report of the controls on the site

    We provide our best effort to ensure hygiene when handling, but also the cold chain through a system of refrigerators, refrigerated containers and thermometers.
  • How to add products to my shopping cart?
    satisfie your needs
  • What if I encounter a bug on the site ?
    Unlike many e-commerce websites, we are owners and creators of our internet platform. We do not use "ready to use" e-commerce solution for more flexibility and responsiveness. A bug or a malfunction is always possible, so we would appreciate you to send us any comments or bug problem by our contact form (link "contact us" at every page bottom). This will help us to improve our platform and to offer a better user experience.
  • What happens if I place my order after the end of orders hour?
    If the orders closure is scheduled for Tuesday at 23 pm, you must have confirmed your order for this hour (the payment can still be done after this time). If you miss the hour, your cart will be emptied and you will then enter the next delivery cycle.
  • What are ProxyPoints that can be seen next product prices?
    These are loyalty points you earn in various circumstances. When you buy a product, you earn the number of Proxypoints displayed. You can also receive more when you exceed a certain amount of order or other individual and isolated cases (sponsorship, promotional activities, in case of purchases over a certain amount, etc.).
  • My basket is filled but I can not confirm my shipping address. What to do ?
    If you encode an address that is not served by our delivery system, the site will not let you validate your order. If you are not domiciled in cities or villages where delivery is possible, perhaps you know someone who lives there and who could receive your order to you? You can also choose to withdraw your order in a ProxyRelay.
  • I created an account but the site says I have to validate it. What to do ?
    When you create an account on Proxymart, you receive an email containing a link that you must click to confirm your account.

    Sometimes the email is placed in the "spam" folder in your mail box. Check these places if you can't find our email.

    If after fifteen minutes, you still can not find this email, please contact us either via the online customer service, either by email ("Contact us" at the bottom of each page). Then we will activate your account manually.
  • J'ai un bon d'achat à utiliser ou des Proxypoints à convertir. Comment faire ?
    When you submit your order, one of the last screen lets you choose a existing voucher or convert your Proxypoints into a voucher. Do not worry, you can not miss this screen and your order will not be validated before you make your selection.
  • I can not pay online. What to do ?
    If you have problems to pay your order online (no Digipass available, error or card rejected, for example), do not panic!
    You can, if you wish, pay the order by bank transfer by referring to these guidelines:

    IBAN: BE02 3631 4676 1040
    Amount: The total amount ATI
    Communication: order number

    The order number and the amount are found on the final confirmation screen and in the email you will receive.

    In any case, please contact us via the customer service online or email ( to signal your willingness to pay by bank transfer. Without news from you before the orders closure hour, your order will be canceled!

    Warning: an order placed on the website (following to your online payment or your stated intention to pay by bank transfer) engages you as it launches a manufacturing process from the producers. As such, past the closure orders, it is not possible to cancel it.
  • Are online payments secure?
    Of course ! We work with Paybox, a well known payments provider. Thus, your bank details are never handled by Proxymart but are processed only through the Paybox secure servers or your bank.

    Indeed, given that we only accept 3D Secure payment methods, a transaction can only be finalized after the use of your Digipass on your bank secure website.
  • This is my second order and I had to pay another set for a tray. Why ?
    The deposit for a returnable crate is only credited back when he returns in our possession. We can not know, when you set your order, if you'll be able to return a crate. This is why it is necessary to pay a second deposit for your 2nd order.

    When, during the delivery of your 2nd order, we get the crate of your first order back, the deposit is credited to your account Proxymart. Meaning that for your next order, it will be deducted from the payable amount.

    Of course, if at any time you no longer wish to order, you can return your last crate to us and request a refund of any remaining deposit to your bank account.
  • How do I know if my payment went well and if my order is confirmed?
    Go to "my account" and click on "ongoing orders". You will see your current order and its status. If you want more details, click "View details".
  • I want to cancel my order. How to do ?
    If you have not yet paid your order, you have nothing to do. All unpaid orders at the time of orders closure are canceled. However, you can contact us to let us know. It's easier for us.

    If you have already set your order and the date of closing orders is not yet passed, please contact us immediately via the customer service online or through our contact page (link "Contact Us" at the bottom of each page). We'll take care of the cancellation and refund.

    If you have already paid your order but that the orders closure has passed, it is impossible to cancel the order because it has already been communicated to producers. Regarding orders involving a specific manufacturing, the withdrawal period can not be invoked here. Your order will be maintained.
  • Can you guarantee me that I will receive all of my products?
    A production issue can still occurs anytime. Weather, unforeseen technical problem... This is the rule of the game in local consumption.

    If a problem should arise, we will refund directly on your card (only Visa, MasterCard or Maestro). If you paid by bancontact card, you have the choice between a voucher or a refund on bank account.
  • What if I am dissatisfied with the quality of the purchased products?
    While producers and ourselves do our best to ensure the quality and freshness of products, a problem is always possible. If you are not satisfied with a product, contact us via our contact form or via the details of your order (in your account). If the product is damaged or unfit for consumption, we also ask you to send us a photo of the product at

    Complaints will be accepted only during 24 hours from delivery and if your order has been delivered to you in person. For example, if you were absent during delivery and have asked the delivery person to leave the order on your deck and you have recovered it 5 hours later, it is obvious that we can not engage our responsibility.
  • My village is not served by the home delivery. What to do ?
    If you live outside the cities / villages in which we deliver, maybe you can have your order delivered to an acquaintance living there? You also have the option to withdraw your order in a ProxyRelay! Maybe one of them is located near you?
  • How to know when my order will be delivered ?
    You can, by going to "My Account"> "Ongoing Orders"> "Show details" of your current order, access detailed information of your order.

    The day after the date of orders closure, you can view the time of estimated delivery (usually a range of 2 hours). Also, if you accepted it when you created your account, we send you a text message the day before delivery to confirm that hour.
  • Can I choose the day and time of my delivery?
    The delivery date is fixed and can not be changed.

    In principle, the delivery time depends on the optimization of our delivery tour. However, if you have an insurmountable obligation, please contact us via the online customer support or our contact page ("Contact Us" at the bottom of each page). We will do our best to satisfy your needs.
  • What if I'm not there during the delivery?
    While it is important to make every effort to be present during the delivery, it can happen that unforeseen event occurs. To handle this case, we ask you, when you create your shipping address on the site, to specify an emergency procedure in case of absence. Maybe your order can be delivered to a neighbor, let in a secure place in your yard or any other solution. It's your choice but Proxymart will not assume any liability about this procedure.

    You have also the possibility to contact us by mail ( or our answering machine at 064/860 256. Our delivery man consults them regularly and will contact you to solve the problem.
  • Which carrier makes deliveries for Proxymart?
    In a continuing effort to create proximity and trust, the team performs itself the deliveries. No external carriers!
  • Upon delivery, did I receive a document accompanying my order?
    No, for economical and ecological reasons, we no longer print invoices. They are available in your account, in the details of your order.
  • When can I decide to opt for a withdrawal via a ProxyRelay?
    When finalizing your order, you can choose between home delivery or withdrawal in a ProxyRelay. In the latter case, you must still choose the ProxyRelay where you want to retrieve your products.
  • What time can I withdraw my order in a ProxyRelay?
    The withdrawal is proposed on Saturday afternoon. For specific opening hours of each ProxyRelais, have a look at their description sheets. The withdrawal time is also announced in your order confirmation email. A SMS confirming the arrival of your order in the ProxyRelay is sent the same day.
  • If I have a problem that prevents me from going into the ProxyRelay planned to retrieve my weekly shopping, what should I do?
    You must contact us (not the ProxyRelay) as soon as possible to enable us to find together a quick and effective solution. Our contact email address and our voicemail are available to you each Saturday.
  • If I directly observe upon removal of shopping in ProxyRelay that a product seems to be visually corrupted, what should I do?
    You still take it back home and you contact us directly by email (within 24 hours). If it turns out that this is not actually the one you have purchased, then we will offer compensation mode. But he is not allowed to leave a product in ProxyRelay. In this case, it would not be refunded to you.
  • If I have questions about the products I purchased or the functioning of Proxymart, can I directly contact the manager of a ProxyRelais?
    No, ProxyRelays are only for you a means of distribution. For any question about an order or a product, you must contact us by the contact form on the site, or directly by mail.
  • How is working the returnable crates system via a ProxyRelay?
    In ProxyRelay, you are not required to get a returnable crate. If you do not take this crate, you must bring your own containers to ProxyRelay. You can also bring a returnable crate back in a ProxyRelay, you will be refunded upon receipt by us (this may take several days).
  • How is working the returnable bottles system via a ProxyRelay?
    In the same way that for home delivery. If you give back a returnable bottle, its deposit will be directly deducted from the amount of your next order.