Spring 2014, we decide to take the great leap and to devote all our time to a wonderful, innovative and trendy project. Proxymart is born in july 2015. Much more than "another" commercial initiative, Proxymart is a true commitment towards our local know-how.
Mathieu Hautenauve & Gilles Marionex: founders
Mathieu Hautenauve & Gilles Marionex: founders
Mathieu Hautenauve
« Vibrating my local chord ! »
Native from the region of Mons, I’m a web developer since the late 90’s. I'm firt of all a passionate and curious IT project manager. The latest web evolutions are amazing me and this daily passion merges perfectly with my professional experience in IT world.

I always like to push further the limits of my skills, which I set to devote to the Proxymart project: a citizen's initiative born from my friendship with my buddy Gilles. As a farmer grandson and lover of my region, I want to vibrate my local chord.
Gilles Marionex
« Proximity at its best ! »
Native from Charleroi, communication is a passion and follows me since the beginning of my professionnal life. The urge to create and innovate is always in my mind too.

And one day, over a... local beer, a discussion with Mathieu was deeper than usual and gave birth to an evidence, and one single question : when do we launch it ? With the complementarity and the complicity of Mathieu, the right partner, and with a wonderful and trendy idea in our pocket, we were ready to propose our own vision of the proximity at its best !