Custard tart with berries

produced by Le Petit Strépy
Custard tart with berries Le Petit Strépy
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Composition: farine, sucre, fruits rouges, oeufs, crème fraîche, sel
Allergen(s): Gluten, Oeufs, Lait
Keep it cold !
This product is made by our producer Le Petit Strépy, from Mignault
In the beginning of the 90', after a student job, René Wayembercg decide to spend all his time to his new passion : the bread and his derivatives. Years after years, the key words of his daily work are : crativity and diversity. In the recipes, you only find products from the farmhouse or noble products. Today, the motivation of our baker is to stay on the look-out for novelty and to preserve the traditonal side of his work... Always with enthusiasm !

Le Petit Strépy