Apricot day cream

produced by Nami Cosmétiques
Apricot day cream Nami Cosmétiques
Composition: hydrolat de bleuet bio, hydrolat de géranium bourbon bio, huile de noyaux d’abricot bio, cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate, alcool benzylique, acide déhydroacétique
This product is made by our producer Nami Cosmétiques, from Kain
Nami is a range of cosmetic products that offers you a natural alternative and zero waste to conventional cosmetics. Our products take care of you while respecting the planet! The production is located in Tournai and is made in a traditional way using natural ingredients mainly from organic sources. Our recipes are simple but effective!

Nami is proud to use raw materials for their natural virtues. Our brand does not advertise, does not have elaborate packaging and does not develop complicated (...)

Nami Cosmétiques